Refrigerant leak detection in air conditioning

Refrigerant leak detection in air conditioning

HydroFluoroCarbons (HFCs / “freons”) and HydroFluoroOlefins (HFOs) are widespread refrigerant gases in the market today. They are most commonly found in applications like air conditioners, heat pumps and chillers.

Mainly used refrigerants in these applications include R-134A, R-407A,R-410A, R-417A, R-417B, R-507. These HFCs are not toxic as well as non-flammable under normal environment conditions (A1 safety classification). However they have high global warming potential (GWP), therefore HFCs / freons based refrigeration systems must comply with EU F-Gas Regulation (preventing emissions into the atmosphere).

Separately it is worth noting R-32, R-1234yf and R-1234ze refrigerants (or so-called HFOs), as they are included in the A2L safety group. The refrigerants of this classification are flammable, that means precautions must be taken to prevent accidental build-up of refrigerant, particularly during charging of systems.

Gas detection allows not only to comply with all regulations, but also to ensure people safety, reduce emissions, prevent the loss of expensive refrigerants and minimize costs of facility.

With Evikon MCI’s gas detectors you can measure both frequently used refrigerants and more exotic mixtures.

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