Data centers

Data centers

Security and reliability of data are among the top priorities of any facility. Responsibility for processing, storing and distributing information generally falls on data centers, where the necessary environment should be maintained to minimize disruption of computer systems functionality.

Data center equipment is energy-intensive and therefore requires excess heat to be removed. This in turn implies maintenance of certain and stable temperature and relative humidity levels. Changing of these conditions may affect equipment lifetime, resulting in data corruption and expensive downtime. Therefore, installation of temperature and humidity transmitters is essential to continuously control these variables and optimize operation of air conditioning system.

The key to the smooth operation of data centers is also the main power source like batteries, which are constantly being charged. The most popular choice in this application are lead-acid batteries, whose by-product of the charging process is Hydrogen (H2) gas. Hydrogen is formed in the battery as a result of a chemical reaction and can reach explosive concentrations (lower explosive limit) if leaked. That is why essential requirement for the safety system of data centers is H2 detection to activate ventilation or alarms in time.

Evikon MCI offers reliable H2 gas detectors as well as temperature & humidity transmitters to ensure accurate measurements and keep the plant safe.

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