Propane leak detection in refrigeration applications

Propane leak detection in refrigeration applications

Natural refrigerants choice is gaining more and more traction and Propane (C3H8) is no exception.

As a refrigerant, C3H8 (or R290) is widely used in domestic, industrial, and commercial refrigeration applications, namely in: refrigerated counters, ice machines, freezer units and cold storages.

Propane is colorless, odorless, and combustible gas, which can be highly dangerous for a facility and its employees when reaching a lower explosive limit (LEL). Therefore any C3H8 based refrigeration systems must comply with safety requirements (EN378), which implies installation of special measurement equipment like gas detectors.

Gas detection allows not only to prevent C3H8 from reaching explosive concentrations due to accidental leaks, but also to avoid large losses of expensive refrigerant and reduce emissions to the atmosphere.

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