Screw-in temperature probe with cable
  • For temperature measurement -50...+500 °C
  • Pt100, Pt1000, PTC1000 or NTC sensors
  • Available in 2-wire and 3-wire circuit
  • A4 / AISI316L stainless steel body

Screw-in resistance temperature sensor probes are intended for measuring temperatures in liquids and gases, ensuring reliable process connection.

Applications include heating, cooling installations and industrial automation.

Depending on the application needs, many features can be supplied: platinum RTD sensing elements with specific nominal resistance and accuracy class for temperatures up to +500 °C and common thermistors, protection tubes of various size with threaded fittings, connection cables for dry or humid conditions and flexible stainless steel armour.

Technical Data
Sensing element Pt100, Pt1000 class A or B according to EN 60751
Measurement range -50...+250 °C or -50...+500 °C
Protection tube A4 / AISI316L stainless steel
Dimensions Ø6 mm, L50...300 mm
Protection class IP55 as standard, IP68 on request
Cable 3 wires (red-red-white), 2 wires (red-white)
Maximum cable temperature (continuous / peak) silicone insulated 180 / 230 °C
fluoroplast insulated 260 / 310 °C
fiberglass insulated 480 / 530 °C
Mounting accessories welded thread fitting