Push-in thermocouples with terminal heads
  • Measurement range -200...+1600 °C
  • K, J, N, S or B type thermocouples
  • Heat resistance alloy protection tubes
  • 4-20 mA / 0-10 V analog or RS485 Modbus RTU digital

ET601 push-in thermocouple probes with terminal head are intended for industrial measurement of high temperatures of hot gases and fluids at pressure ca. 1 bar. 

The main applications are combustion control, metal, cement, ceramic and glass industries. 

Depending on the needs of application, single or double thermocouple of most common type, protection tube of specific size and material, various terminal heads, process connection fittings and outputs can be supplied.

ET601 series mineral-insulated thermocouples have an advantage of thinner and flexible protection tube, providing faster response and convenient bending to desired shape. Thermocouple is insulated with dense magnesium oxide powder which decreases corrosion of thermocouple wires and extends lifespan.

Technical Data
Thermocouple types K (max 1200 °C) - standard
N (max 1300 °C)
S (max 1600 °C)
Protection tube Inconel 600 alloy (K)
Pyrosil C (N)
Dimensions Ø3, L250 / L500 mm
Ø6, L250...1500 mm
Terminal head standard, DIN 43729, aluminium (B)
spherical, hinged cover, DIN 43729, aluminium (N)
aggressive environment, DIN 43729, stainless steel (S)
Output ceramic terminal block
0-10V / 4-20mA analog
RS485 Modbus RTU interface digital
Mounting accessories flanges or weldable fittings
threaded compression fittings