Electric forklifts, industrial trucks, stackers and pallet carts: all of this is lead-acid batteries powered and consequently needs recharging. For this reason, battery charging rooms are an important part of large industrial warehouses, logistics or distribution centers and production facilities.

If recharged, several types of secondary batteries, such as lead-acid, give off Hydrogen (H2) - a very reactive, flammable and explosive gas. As such, ventilation of a battery charging room is critical to maintain the concentration below the lower explosive limit (LEL). The presence of Hydrogen gas detectors is required in order to avoid high concentrations and timely take safety measures.

The correct operation and increase in life-time of the secondary batteries also require proper temperature and humidity, which can be achieved by using special measurement instruments.

Evikon MCI offers instruments for reliable measurement of temperature, relative humidity and detection of H2. Please see the Featured Products section below to learn more about each of the products.