Fuel level sensor with RS485 interface
  • Accurate, reliable design
  • Easy installation
  • Stem cuttable to length
  • EIA485 serial interface
  • Modbus ASCII or Omnicomm protocol

Digital sensors with serial interfaces

Evikon E2700 family of level transmitters with digital interfaces is specially designed for precision fuel level measurement in vehicle and stationary tanks. Applications include vehicle tracking, AVL and fleet management systems. Highly sensitive capacitive technology, robust construction and full digital signal processing ensure stable, accurate and reliable measurements.

High accuracy and linearity

The resolution is better than 0.1% of the range, typically 0.07 mm. Thus high accuracy is provided even in low profile tanks. Thanks to two adjustable digital integrating filters short term fuel level fluctuations do not affect the sensor output. The internal 32-point calibration system enables highly linear output in user defined volume units.

Stable construction

E2700 series transmitters are carefully engineered for best performance and reliability. The sensor stem is made of special light metal alloy for corrosion resistance and stiffness. The vertical slot in the stem reduces its clogging by residues in the fuel, facilitates cleaning and maintenance and improves the reaction time compared to closed tube geometry. The electronics box is completely sealed, providing protection from mechanical and corrosive impact.

Adjustable stem length

The stem can be easily cut directly at the installation place up to 20% of initial length to fit into the tank. Two standard lengths that suit the majority of fuel tanks are L800 mm, which may be cut to 100 mm and L1600 mm, which may be cut to 100 mm. The maximum stem length is limited to L2400 mm.

Technical Data
Level sensitivity > 2 units per mm, typically 15 units per mm
Resolution < 0.1% of the range, typically 0.07 mm
Ambient temperature effect < 0.03%, typically ±0.01% / °C
Non-linearity < 1%, typically