Air Quality Wireless Datalogger Panel

  • Ambient temperature, relative humidity and CO2
  • Real time clock and calendar
  • Large bright LED display
  • Datalogging and wireless connectivity functions
  • Elegant slim wall-mount panel design


Air Quality Wireless Datalogger Panel  E2230 is intended for use in schools, hospitals, offices and other areas. The device provides autonomous long-time monitoring of indoors climate with high accuracy and stability.

The datalogger uses the latest achievements in digital humidity and temperature sensing and low-power NDIR CO2 sensing technologies, providing excellent accuracy and reliability and long lifetime.

The device measures temperature, relative humidity and CO2 level, saves the data (up to 16000 datasets) and transmits it to stationary or mobile devices.

Bright LED displays provide easy direct monitoring. 

Additional fetures include real-time clock and calendar.