Sulfur dioxide Transmitter

  • Stable long-life electrochemical sensor
  • Range 0...50 or 0...2000 ppm SO2
  • Resolution 0,1 ppm or 1,5 ppm SO2
  • 2 × 4-20 mA or 0-10 V, RS485


Sulfur dioxide transmitter E2618-SO2 is a member of new PluraSens® family of multifunctional measurement instruments.

Applications include wine-making, food and beverage industry, paper mills, wastewater treatment stations, laboratories and other confined spaces, where potentially toxic concentration of sulfur dioxide can accumulate.

The instrument utilises a fully calibrated and temperature compensated electrochemical gas sensor with excellent repeatability, stability and long lifetime.

Two analog outputs and RS485 digital interface with industry standard Modbus RTU protocol can be used to connect the transmitter to safety or building automation systems.